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How to customize the Invoice?
How to customize the Invoice?
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As businesses embrace modern technology, customizing invoices has become crucial.

Let's see how to customize the Invoice in ProfitBooks.

Customizations available in ProfitBooks:

  1. Invoice Number Setting

  2. Custom Labels for Invoice Columns

  3. Default Settings

  4. Invoice Templates

  5. Custom field on Invoices

Invoice Number Setting

Go to Settings> Invoice Customization

With this option, user can change the sequence number for invoice.

You will see following options:

1) Daily reset sequence Number: If the transaction volume for invoices is high, the daily reset sequence is helpful. The by default prefix to the number will be the date for transaction.

2) Manual Numbering: In this option, you can enter your own numbering manually. Kindly ensure that the numbering is unique for each invoice.

3) INV Prefix followed by sequence number: This is the most preferred way of invoice numbering. The sequence number will be generated by system in progressive manner.

4) Custom Prefix & Suffix: With this option you can add Prefix of your own choice.

Custom Labels for Invoice Columns

Go to Settings> Invoice Customization

In this section, you can rename the invoice column names. For example, you can call ‘Product’ as ‘Item Code’ or ‘Service Name’ or anything related to your business. Similarly, you can rename ‘Description’ as ‘More Details’ or rename ‘Amount’ as ‘Rate.

Default Settings

Go to Settings> Invoice Customization

In default settings, you can specify standard text for ‘Customer Notes’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ fields which will be automatically populated every time new invoice is created.

You can use the "Terms and Conditions" box to print your Bank Account Details such as Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC code, Branch name, and Account type.

Invoice Templates

Go to Settings> Invoice Templates

There are different invoice templates which a user can choose as per their business under ProfitBooks

Custom field on Invoices

Go to Settings> Other Preferences

Custom Fields are used to record any non-financial data on the invoices. For Example, one can use custom fields such as Salesperson name, Vehicle Number or any Location details which users desired to mention on the invoice. The custom fields will appear on each invoice and there is a report under Reports section to get the custom fields report.

Users can add upto 3 custom fields.

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