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ProfitBooks Upgrade Issues & Workaround
ProfitBooks Upgrade Issues & Workaround

Problems after new update and their solutions

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Hi there!
As you know, we've upgraded ProfitBooks from ground up on 26th Nov 2023. As it was a major upgrade, we experienced some issues post-release.

Here are some of the issues and their workarounds:

1) Invoice/purchase/PO is getting saved but pdf not generated.

Please upload the logo in JPEG format. PNG format is causing issues. You can easily convert your existing logo using this online tool and upload it again. Horizontal logos with 250px width and 150px height would look best.

2) Old drafts are not working

In new update, we removed the Draft feature as it was causing numerous issues with the sequencing. Please delete old drafts. Later, you can reset sequence number so that a new invoice/purchase/estimate etc can get that number.

3) Purchases were recorded this week but stock did not increase

Keep purchase as it is, increase stock manually by going to Manage Stock -> Record Production. We have fixed this issue so any future purchases will increase the stock. This tip is only for purchases recorded from 26th Nov 2023 to 29th November 9 PM IST.

4) Customer is added from customers page but invoice is not getting saved, showing “something went wrong” message

Edit the customer information, go to accounts starting from and enter the start of your financial year. (Note: this date should be before invoice creation date)

Rest assured, all of the issues will be fixed as early as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to our team anytime you face any issue.

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