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How to record bank charges?
How to record bank charges?
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To record bank charges, first you have to create an account with the name of bank charges.

For creation of account go to Accounting > Charts of account and click on new account and fill the details as shown in below image and save it.

Now you can record Bank charges via following steps:

Expenses > Record Expense > New Expense

Click on Cash Expense.

Fill in the details:

1) Paid from Account - Select the account from the drop down

2) Expense Record Date- Select the date on which the bank charges are paid

3) Select project - You can select if you want to group the transactions.

4) Expense - Select Bank Charges from the drop down, enter the description, tax if any applicable and enter the amount.

5) Attach a scanned proof (image or pdf document) - You can attach the bank charge receipt

6) Narration - In case anything specific that needs to be mentioned

Click on Save and its Done !!

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