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How to import bank statements?
How to import bank statements?
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#How to import bank statements?

Let's see how to import a bank statement.

Go to Banking > Bank Reconciliation > Import New Statement

Follow these steps to import Bank statement:

Step 1: Get statement from your bank for that Go to your bank's website and export the statement - preferably in CSV format.
Step 2: Download the sample CSV file and adjust your statement in it accordingly and import the statement in ProfitBooks, (Make sure the date format is correctly taken, otherwise the import will fail.)
fill the following details -

1) Specify the date range and bank account name on left.
2) Select the pre-configured format from the dropdown. If your bank is not listed there, select 'Others' to upload CSV.
3) Download File and user can make changes according to the sample file.
4) Select the file and click on Upload.

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