How to record Payment against Purchase invoices?

There are two ways to record payment against Purchases:

First method:

Step 1: Go to Expenses > Make Payments, click on Add New Record,

Step 2: Select Against Purchases / Expenses.

Step 3: Fill in the required details like:

Pay to - You need to select the vendor from the drop down. It will show the Purchase order with details such as Paid Amount, Outstanding Amount, Due date,
Enter TDS Amount, Payment Amount

Pay From account - It can be your bank account or cash account.

Payment Date - The date on which the payment is made.

TDS section - You can select this if applicable.

Payment Mode- Can be Cash, Cheque, credit / debit card, Internet Banking. You can select and fill in their respective payment instrument details.

Description - User can add description as per their convenience.

Step 4: Click on save and its done.
If the user wants to edit/delete, they will get an option to Edit with delete option On the top right corner .

Second method:

Step 1: Go to Expenses > Record purchases,

Step 2: Click on purchase number for which you wants to add the payment,

Step 3: Click on make payment and add the details of payment.

Step 4: Click on save and its done.

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