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How to record Credit Expenses?
How to record Credit Expenses?
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Follow these steps if you have received a bill and haven’t paid for that expense yet. This type of transaction is also known as Bill booking or Credit Expenses.

1) Go to Expenses -> Record Expenses screen when you login to your ProfitBooks account

2) Once you open New Expense screen, select 'No' for Cash Expense.

3) Select customer or vendor from the dropdown. You can create a new vendor account by clicking on ‘+Add New’ option if there are no accounts.

4) Select Expense Record Date. This is the day when you want to record the expense transaction. For example, you received a bill yesterday and you got time only today to record it, you can specify previous day’s date here for accounting purpose.

5) Enter Due Date as mentioned on the bill. This is when you need to make the payment.

6) You can attach a bill received from your vendor to this voucher from Attach Scan Proof button.

7) Thats it! Click on Save button.

Once you save this voucher, click on Make Payment button shown on the expense details screen whenever you want to make the payment.

If you want to record Cash Expenses, please read this article.

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