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How to create a Purchase bill?
How to create a Purchase bill?
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Go to Expenses> Record Purchases> New Purchase

Steps for creating a New Purchases:

1) Voucher Number: Voucher number will appear automatically.

2) Vendor Name: Please enter the name of the person from whom you are purchasing raw materials or parts etc. If the name of the vendor is not in the list you can select Add new option and fill in the details of the vendor like Name, GSTIN, Email Id, Contact Number, Opening Balance etc and click on save.

3) Record Date: It's the date when the purchase bill is created.

4) Due Date: It's the date when the purchases amount is due for making payment.

5) Exchange Rate in INR: This filed will appear in case the purchases are made from other countries with different currency. Kindly enter the exchange rate between the home currency and the currency in which purchase is being made.

6) Quotation Reference: Kindly mention the quotation number mentioned in quotation of a product or service.

7) Quotation Date: This is the date on which the quotation was made.

8) Cash purchase: You can select Yes option if the purchases are made in Cash.

9) Import Purchase: If you have multiple purchase records and if you want to upload the transactions in bulk, you can use this option. Kindly upload an excel file of the purchases can be done by selecting the YES / NO option.

10) Item: You can select the product from the dropdown box.

11) Description: Detailed description of the product will reflect automatically once you select the product. If you want to change the static description, you can edit it from the Items section. This description is editable on the purchase voucher level as well.

12) Qty: The unit quantity can be in pieces, kgs, units etc. This unit of measurement can also be defined at product level.

13) Unit Cost: It's the price per unit, per kg, per box, per piece etc.

14)Discount: You can record the discount applicable for any purchase as per purchase bill received from the vendor.

15) Tax: You can select the applicable tax for the product from dropdown box.

16) Amount: It's the total amount will automatically get calculated by the system.

17) Add new Row: You could add if any more purchases incurred.

18) Add Other Charge: In case if any extra charges are levied can be mentioned. These charges can be transportation charge, loading unloading charge or any other expenses which will not attract any tax.

19) Customer Notes: If any special instructions given by customer can be mentioned here.

20)Terms and Conditions: You can mention about warranty, return and refund policies, terms of use etc.

After filling up all the above-mentioned details click on Save button.

Once you click on Save Button, system will redirect you to View Purchases screen. You can see the entries of the purchases entered by you.

Edit: This feature is available on the right-hand top corner in case if any editing is required in the Purchase.

Print: The print option is just next to Edit Option. You can print the same for record purposes.

Make Payment Option: This feature enables you to make payment for your purchase order.

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