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How to use Razorpay with ProfitBooks ?
How to use Razorpay with ProfitBooks ?
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Now, get paid faster with ProfitBooks. You can now add a payment link to invoices when you email them to your customers. This help guide shows how to integrate your Razorpay account and start receiving payments directly in ProfitBooks.

Steps To Integrate Razorpay With ProfitBooks

You can now integrate Razorpay with ProfitBooks and start collecting payments for the invoices that are emailed to your customers from ProfitBooks. It's assumed that you have active accounts on both Razorpay & ProfitBooks. Here are the steps:

1) Get key information from your Razorpay account
Login to with your registered Razorpay account and note details for Key ID and Key Secret .

To get your Key ID and API Key,

User can also visit this help article link
Log in to your Razorpay account and verify that you’re in Live Mode.
If you’ve already generated the API Keys, you can find your Key ID under API Keys tab at the bottom-left of the dashboard.
If you haven’t generated the API Keys yet, click on the Generate Live Key button to get your Key ID and API Key (Key Secret).
It is advised to save your API Key and Key ID (Key Secret) by downloading them because Key ID will not be displayed again anywhere inside the Razorpay account.
If the API Key was not saved earlier, you can regenerate it by clicking on the Regenerate Live Key button under the API Keys tab, and the API key and Key ID (Key Secret) will be displayed on a popup.
If you regenerate your API Keys, make sure to use the newly generated Key ID and API Key while integrating with ProfitBooks.

2) Login to ProfitBooks account and go to Settings -> Invoices. Go to the section ‘Enable Razorpay Payment Gateway’ and switch it on then click on +Add New, and enter the details. The Bank account you wish to receive payments in should be the same as that of the bank account provided while activating Razorpay account.

Enable Razorpay

3) Now, when you create an invoice, you should see a button ‘Generate Payment via Razorpay as shown below. User can also edit the Invoices and can re-generate the payment link.

Razorpay payment link

Once your customer clicks on this button will show a popup with all the payment details. If Mobile number of customer is provided, then checkbox can be enabled to send automated SMS containing the payment link from Razorpay to customer mobile. (This is an optional field)

Razorpay Payment

4) Email payment link

By default, the email invoice screen contains customer name, total amount due and due date. By checking Include payment link, you can append payment link with the existing text .

Payment Link via Email

This payment link option remains hidden until the payment gateway is configured and until at least a link is generated.

After Successful generation, a summary appears just below the ‘Generate Payment’ button that contains details on when and who created the link as shown below.

Payment link

Each time you update the invoice, you have to generate a fresh link. Ensure that the summary shows correct amount.

After the payment has made by customer, the Invoice will automatically marked as "paid" under the status and a receipt voucher will be created.

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