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How to create a refund voucher?
How to create a refund voucher?
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How to create a refund voucher?

Go to Income >Refund Voucher, click on + New refund voucher.

Fill in the details like:

1) Customer name - You can select the customer's name, or can add the customer by clicking on "+Add new"

2) Refund Date - date on which the refund is issued.

3) Paid from account - Select account from which the refund needs to be paid, cash or bank

4) Amount - Fill the amount details.

5) Payment mode - Select the payment mode as Cash, Cheque, Credit/debit card, Internet Banking.

6) Descriptions - User can add description accordingly.

Click on save and it's done.
You can also edit the refund voucher, by clicking on edit option under action menu.

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