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How to choose Invoice templates?
How to choose Invoice templates?
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There are different invoice templates which a user can choose as per their business under ProfitBooks.

How to choose Invoice templates?

In order to change invoice template user must follow these basic steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Settings> Invoices.

Step 2: Under Invoice Template, and Select Template choose the required template you want.

You can select from:

1) Classic
2) Modern
3) Thermal
4) Tabular
5) SMB
6) Professional
7) Retail
8) Minimalist

Step 3: Click on save and its done.

If you want to edit the template, just simply click on edit, a dialogue box will appear as seen below:

Here you can make changes on template like:

1) Hide Company Logo
2) Hide Company Address
3) Select Margin in Millimeter

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