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How to create invoice in different currency?
How to create invoice in different currency?
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Creating Invoice in different currency

Invoices can be created in any currency. Let's see how to create the same via following steps:

Firstly, user needs to create customer in the same currency as he needs in invoice, for that

Go to Income > Customers, click on add customer

Fill in the details and mention the currency of invoice ex. INR, USD, AUD etc.

Now, for invoicing:

Go to Income > Invoices > New Invoice

Step 1: Fill in the following details:

1) Select an existing customer from drop-down. You can also create a new customer by clicking on the + icon.
(Make sure while creating customer you have mentioned his currency correctly)

2) Enter the currency Exchange Rate.

3) Enter the other details like invoice date, due date, place of supply and title of invoice, purchase order reference number in PO Ref # field if this invoice is linked to a purchase, Select the project, you can also mention if the amounts are tax inclusive or exclusive.

Step 2: Fill in details regarding the product:

1) Select product from the drop down. Enter Description, Quantity, Unit Cost, discount in percentage, tax rate.
2) You can add new items by clicking on the ‘Add New Row’ button
3) Click on ‘Add Other Charge’ to record other changes like shipping charges, round-off amount, etc.
4) Fill in the Customer Notes and Terms & Conditions as per your business requirement.
(If inventory is enabled for the selected product, you will get a pop-up asking you to select the warehouse or location where this product is stored. If you have defined the batches while creating this product, you will need to enter the quantity from the desired batches. Enter the details and click on Submit button.)

Click on save and it's done.

Once its saved, you will see options to record payment, Edit or Delete, Settle, Email or print (creates PDF).

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