#How To Record Bank Charges?

To record bank charges, first you have to create an account with the name of bank charges, for creation of account go to Accounting > Charts of account and click on new account and fill the details as shown in below image and save it.

Bank charges account

Now you can record Bank charges via following steps :

Expenses > Record Expense > New Expense

Click on Cash Expense.

Fill in the details :

Paid from Account - Select the account from the drop down

Expense Record Date- Select the date on which the bank charges are paid

Select project - You can select if you want to group the transactions.

Expense - Select Bank Charges from the drop down, enter the description, tax if any applicable and enter the amount.

Attach a scanned proof (image or pdf document) - You can attach the bank charge receipt

Narration - In case anything specific that needs to be mentioned

Click on Save and its Done !!

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