How to create Purchase Order?

Let' see how to create a Purchase Order.

To record purchases on the dashboard click on Expenses tab > Record Purchases.

You can create a Purchase Order via following steps:

Select Vendor from the drop down box. You can create a new vendor account by clicking on ‘+Add New’ option if there are no accounts.

Enter Record date & Due Date

Select Item, Quantity, Discount, Taxes if any applicable.

If you have created Projects and want to associate this purchase with one of the Projects then enter the Project name in the Select Project field

Click on ‘+ Add New Row’ button to add more records.

You can even attach a scanned copy of bill to this transaction. Just click on ‘Browse’ button and upload an image or PDF. This proof is helpful specially during annual audits.

Enter Narration for the entire transaction if you want to add more details.

Enter Terms & Conditions for the Purchases. dsf

Thats it! Click on Save button.

You can convert the a purchase order to Purchase voucher in just one click !

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