How to create an Estimate or Quotation?

You can create Estimates or Quotation via following steps :

From Income menu click on Estimates

Click on New Estimate.

Now follow these steps :

Select an existing customer from the drop down box. You can also create a new customer by clicking on the + icon.
The Estimate number will be auto-generated.
Enter the estimate date – its the date on which estimate is raised. You can enter previous date as well if required
Enter the Place of Supply - its the State or City
Export Estimate - Check this box if you are making an export estimate
Select the Item from the drop down. Upon selecting the item the description and Unit Cost will reflect automatically.
Enter the Quantity, Discount and Tax if any applicable.
You can also add up any other additional charge through Add Other Charge.
Customer Notes - If any instructions for customers.
Terms & Conditions - You can mention about the payment terms, returns and exchange too.

Thats it ! Now click on Save to create an Estimate.

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