How to create a New Product or Service ?

You can create products and services via following steps:

Items > Products / Services

It is very important to create a product / service correctly. Once you create a product it cannot be edited to service and vice versa.

Click on new product from the "New Product" option

Add the basic details like Name /unit of measurement .

You need to select "Enable inventory " if you wish to create a Product.

For creating a service you should not enable inventory for the product. It will be created as a service.

Add HSN/SAC as per Product/Service/description and other details if necessary.

Select " I sale this product" and " I Purchase this product " as applicable, only then the item will appear in the Invoice /Purchase window.

For a Finished product: Please click on "I Sale this product"
For a Trading Product: Please click on both "I Sale this product" and "I Purchase this product"
For a Raw Material: Please click on "I Purchase this product"

Click on Save and its done.

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