How to change Voucher numbering?

Lets see how can we change the sequence number for vouchers

Please follow the path Settings > Custom Field & Preferences Section

You can set the preferences for various vouchers such as Estimates, Income, Purchases, Expense, Receipts, Purchase Order, Debit Note, Credit Note, Invoice returns and many more.

Select the voucher name from the drop down to change the number.

You will see following options:
System Generated Voucher Number : In this option, system will select a random unique number for each invoice.
I'll Input my own voucher number : In this option, you can enter your own numbering manually. Kindly ensure that the numbering is unique for each invoice.
Sequential Voucher number: With this option you can add Prefix and Sufix of your own choice. The sequence number will be generated by system in progressive manner.

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