How to change Name of Estimate to Sales Quotation?

Under ProfitBooks, there are predefined names given for the ease of use. For eg. Clients are called as Customers, Seller are called as vendors,and etc. However the user can change such name as per there convenience through the settings page of ProfitBooks. One of such changes in this article is about changing name of estimate to Sales quotation.

To change the name first you have to go to Settings page > Customs Fields & Preferences > Other Preference like shown in the below picture:

Navigate to settings page

Now you will see the option to change the names by clicking on edit . You can change the names of following things:

- Client who pays you: You can call your clients as Customers / Clients / Doner
- Estimate: You can change it to Quotation, Sales Quotation
- Warehouse: This will allow the calling warehouse with any other name. For Ex. Godown.

Option to change estimates into quotation

Click on save and its done.

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