Let's see how to apply discount on an Invoice

There are two ways where you can apply discount on an invoice

Case 1 - Discount to a specific product:

Go to Income > Invoice

Apply Discount in Percentage in front of that product

Discount on product

Case 2 - If you want to apply an overall discount/deduction to the Invoice:

Go to Income > Invoice > Add other charges

Select adjustment on Sales to the invoice and apply minus sign in front of amount.

You can add description in customer notes.

Discount on overall invoice

Fill in all the details such as Customer name, Email, Phone number.

For discount on product,
Select Item, and in the same row you will get the Discount tab. Enter the discount percentage that is being given.
The discount amount will be calculated automatically by the system and will reflect in the total.

For overall discount on invoice,
Select items, and under "add other charges" select adjustment on sales and apply minus sign in front of discount value.
The discount amount under this case is calculated by the user, however you can add description in customer notes mentioning discount percentage.

Click on Continue and its Done.

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