#How much ProfitBooks costs?

Lean about different plans and pricing options under ProfitBooks:

Currently, ProfitBooks offers 2 different plans

Startup plan: Start up plan is a free plan which a user can use for life time, However it comes with few restrictions like only 50 invoices per month are allowed to enter , A user can only add one warehouse and one user/employee.

SMB Plan: SMB plan is our paid plan which is Rs. 5,000 per year + GST and Rs. 500 per. Month + GST.
For Users outside India- it is USD 150 per annum and USD 15 per month.

It includes Accounting + Inventory + Payroll (Includes 10 Free Users)
User can Create sales orders & POs, purchase & sell inventory, maintain warehouses and track stock movements or wastage easily.
Best for re-sellers, manufacturers and shop owners or for any business dealing in physical products as well as service products.

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